Regulation on Preventing Collision at Sea

In the Regulation AmendRegulation on Preventing Collision at Sea'.ing the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law published in the Official Gazette dated 12.12.2023, an important amendment was made regarding the Obtaining of Turkish Citizenship by Foreigners Through Acquisition of Property. The amendment entered into force as of the date of publicationAs of 12th of March 2024, with the Presidential Decree dated 11th of March 2024  the 'The related decree entered into force as of 12th of March 2024 as it was published in the Official Gazette.

According to the Decree, all vessels sailing in Turkish territorial waters are now required to comply with the rules outlined in the COLREG 72 Convention.

The Regulation came into force after the Presidential Decree was published in the Official Gazette. It sets out the rules that boats must comply with in Turkish maritime jurisdiction areas and connected areas, regardless of their flag.

The COLREG 72 Convention specifies the lights, signs, and signals that all boats must carry and display to prevent collisions at sea. It also outlines the fog and manoeuvring signals to be used and the navigation rules to be observed. Additionally, it specifies the signs to be used to request help when in danger.

This regulation obliges boats to comply with these rules.

The text of the COLREG 72 Convention is available on the website of the General Directorate of Maritime Affairs. Ships must comply with this regulation and the convention.

Boat owners who violate the provisions of the legislation will face legal action.

The amendments were made for regulatory purposes. The backbone of the 'Regulation on Preventing Collisions at Sea' was already established by the COLREG 72 Convention.

The amendment removed the phrase 'Decree of the Council of Ministers' from the 'Regulation on Preventing Collision at Sea', resulting in it being referred to as simply a 'Regulation'.

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has been granted the authority to regulate the procedures and principles for implementing the COLREG 72 Convention in the 'Regulation on Preventing Collision at Sea'. The President of the Republic will hold the executive power.

Dila GUR