The philosophy of GUR Law Firm regarding competition, regulation and compliance services is working together with its clients to develop solutions that are both compliant with the law and regulations and in accordance with the needs of business life.  Our team represents clients before regulatory and supervisory authorities such as Competition Authority, Capital Markets Board and Energy Market Regulatory Authority as well as the regulatory units of other administrations.

Competition Law Services
General Competition Advisory:  GUR Law Firm reviews its clients’ all types of agreements, specifically purchasing, distribution, license and franchise agreements and commercial practices from the point of compatibility with competition rules and recommends competition compliant models.
Mergers and Acquisitions: GUR Law Firm assesses mergers, demergers, acquisitions, subscription deals and articles of association amendments leading to a change of the control, acquisitions of assets such as operations, brands and customer portfolios that may be attributed a turnover, and joint ventures from the perspective of competiton rules, notifies the transactions to the Turkish Competition Board when necessary, and assures the compliance of ancillary restraints and secondary agreements with competition rules.
Negative Clearance and Exemption Applications:  For the purpose of providing legal assurance to its clients, GUR Law Firm makes applications to the Turkish Competition Authority for obtaining negative clearance, determination of falling within the scope of the group exemptions and grant of individual exemption decisions.
Representation in Inquiries by the Turkish Competition Authority: GUR Law Firm’s team represents its clients as complainants or as examined / investigated undertakings before the Turkish Competition Authority and assures the enjoyment of all procedural rights.
Private Law Consequences of Competition Law Infringements:  Law no. 4054 on the Protection of the Competition enables those parties that are exposed to a loss because of infringement of competition rules, the right to claim for damages up to three times of the loss and furthermore does not allow the enforcement of contract provisions violating competition rules. Competition and litigation teams of GUR Law Firm work in collobaration for the securing the interests of clients arising from the private law consequences of competition law infringements.

Regulatory Services
General Regulatory Advice: GUR Law Firm offers advisory services to its clients concerning specifically capital markets, banking, insurance and other financial services and energy market regulations; and recommends solutions concerning transactions, contracts and commercial practices from the perspective of the sectorial regulations.
Administrative Investigations: GUR Law Firm represents its clients in examinations and investigations which are conducted by the regulatory and supervisory authorities; and protects the rights of its clients against unfavorable decisions through filing the necessary administrative appeals or the necessary administrative or civil and criminal court proceedings.
Market Surveillance and Inspection:  GUR Law Firm represents its clients in market surveillances and inspection procedures with respect to their products and also applies for the imposition of market surveillances and inspection measures against competing products with defects.  These services are conducted in collaboration with our intellectual property team in order to ensure that possible violations of intellectual property rights may also be handled.

Compliance Services
Competition Compliance Training and Programmes: GUR Law Firm prepares competition compliance training and programmes for its clients operating in different markets taking into consideration the unique structures and conditions of each market.  Through the application oriented and interactive sessions with the clients both the questions of staff are answered and the possible weaknesses from the perspective of competition law are identified and solutions are developed.
Anti-Corruption Training and Programmes: GUR Law Firm provides trainings and programmes to the employees of the companies working intensively with the public sector concerning their relations with public servants and the employees of competing companies from the perspective of international anti-corruption rules and the penalties, misdemeanors and rules enshrined by Turkish law.  Our team also carries out audits for ensuring adaptation of the employees to these rules.

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