GUR Law Firm has been actively proving services to its clients for many years in various aspects of law. Considering that Gür has been a full service law firm including different departments such as Corporate, Maritime, Litigation, Transportation, Enforcement and Intellectual Property, we aimed to have partners & associates that specialize in different areas of law in order to give the most tailor-made services to our international clients. As a firm, Gür respects and understands cultural needs of its global client base.

GUR Law Firm is committed to create a workplace that values diversity and encourages all the lawyers to act as individuals that they are. Gür Law Firm always aims to hire the most qualified lawyers entirely based on their education and individualities. The firm recognizes the importance of personal identification and always acts with the principle of working with no barriers.

GUR Law Firm believes that where there is diversity; there is faster problem solving that comes from different perspectives of the individuals, increased creativity and better decision making. Diversity is not only important when it comes to our business priorities, but it plays a high role when it comes to our values as a firm. Each and every employee is treated equally which creates a welcoming and supportive environment where all the individuals have the positive space for growth and the ability to reach their maximum potential.

Regardless of gender, race, cast, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation or any other dimensions of difference, Gür Law Firm believes that all employees should be treated in a respectful manner and given equal access to all operational opportunities and facilities. The firm aims to create a safe workplace for all workers. The firm believes that the only way to create a safe workplace is through having a strict zero-tolerance policy towards harassment, discrimination and bullying.

GUR Law Firm employees act as one and always support each other. Most of the employees have started working as legal interns and have become a part of establishing the roots of the firm as well as becoming leading peoples. Gür believes that by having individuals with different points of view helps the firm grow and meet the needs of the clients effectively. By having a diverse workforce with multi-lingual employees and employees from different backgrounds, Gür Law Firm has the opportunity to improve operations not only in regional and local markets but to improve all the services given internationally.