The Turkish Patent Institute

The Turkish Patent Institute (TPI) and Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) signed a bilateral cooperation in order to enable the TPI to join TMclass Project (TMclass). The TMclass has started to give service with Turkish interface since August 12, 2013.

TMclass is an application adds up the classification databases of the offices which were joined to the program. Thus, it aims to facilitate the process of classifying goods & services. 31 countries and organizations joined to the TMclass which serves in 26 languages free of charge.

The TMclass enables the users to find out a good and/or service in which class it is covered by the Nice classification system or whether the good and/or service is accepted by the offices which are integrated to the TMclass. Furthermore, it is possible to translate the good and/or service to the local language of the offices.

Please visit TMclass page for more information.