Shipping Law

Our professional approach and expertise have led to GUR LAW FIRM’s recognition as one of the most competent and active firms in contentious and non-contentious shipping issues in Turkey.

GUR LAW FIRM’s maritime practice includes providing advice to shipyards, ship owners and banks in preparing, negotiating and drafting contracts for the construction, purchase and sale of vessels, and contracts to finance such operations. Furthermore, the firm provides on-going advice on charter contracts (such as voyage charters, time charters, bareboat charters, and bills of lading, special transports), maritime insurance (hull and machinery), P&I, and all types of maritime proceedings and litigation (ship arrest at any Turkish port, defending cargo claims on behalf of not only Owners and Defence Clubs, but also cargo receivers, preventive lien on vessels, salvage, groundings and wreck removal, general average, cargo claims)

GUR LAW FIRM is an established collision handler having acted in many of the major casualties in the Turkish Straits in recent years. Death and personal injury actions both in Turkey and abroad through our correspondents also constitute a successful branch of the firm’s practice.

GUR LAW FIRM offers its in-depth experience on interim measures, necessary and convenient within the maritime and insurance sectors, to ensure the enforcement of Turkish and foreign judgment or arbitration awards, such as the arrest of vessels and goods, securing of goods under dispute, enforcement of maritime mortgages.

Marine Insurance
Cargo Disputes
Personal Injury & Death