Real Estate & Construction


We advise local and multinational clients in all aspects of real estate law, including the planning and structuring of ownership rights, drafting and negotiating of property-related documents such as promise-to-sell agreements, mortgage agreements, usufruct agreements, lease agreements, sub-lease agreements, real estate management agreements and the financing of real estate acquisitions. We also assist clients in operating and managing real estate and the interests therein.

GUR LAW FIRM provides legal services relating to all stages of construction including partnership agreements, tender documents preparation, security of payment, planning, environmental and building regulations. We advise our clients during all phases of the project development, construction and in case of a dispute between the parties involved, during the dispute resolution process.

We regularly draft and negotiate design services and construction agreements for private and public projects in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iraq, Libya, Oman and the USA.

We also have proven experience in claims analysis, negotiation and litigation in area of construction law. GUR LAW FIRM represents property owners and developers as well as businessmen in the construction industry, contractors, surveyors, architects, builders, engineers and planners. Representative projects are located all over the world.

In addition to banks, private equities and globally reputable construction, hospitality and leisure companies, we also advise private individuals and other players in the construction industry such as contractors, surveyors, architects, engineers and planners.