Litigation Dispute Resolution

GUR LAW FIRM aims to resolve its clients problems with the minimum of cost and, if possible, avoiding legal intervention.

We have highly trained negotiators and litigators that will attempt to settle the matters of dispute without initiating a costly legal procedure. We have found this method to be highly effective not only in terms of cost and time, but also in terms of the preservation of the positive relationships of our clients with the parties in dispute.

However, at times, court intervention is unavoidable. In these instances, we are here to help at a moment’s notice. Our litigators are among the best in their field having practiced not only in Turkey but also in a variety of international legal settings. Our litigators are assisted by lawyers and experts from all of our practice areas. This means that the level of advice and support that you will receive throughout the litigation process is simply unparalleled. Our established track record and vast experience also mean that we get the job done in the most time-effective manner with the best possible outcome.

Commercial Litigation

Our commercial litigation team handles work to help our clients resolve disputes efficiently and effectively. We aim to offer an entire spectrum of dispute resolution services to our clients such as arbitration, litigation or other techniques. Whichever technique is chosen and pursued, we always ensure that it is consistent with our clients’ commercial objectives and needs.

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GUR LAW FIRM has an extensive experience and excellent reputation in arbitration and enforcement of foreign judgment and arbitration awards.

The arbitration practice at GUR LAW FIRM includes advising on the drafting of arbitration clauses, representing domestic and international clients as claimants and respondents in institutional and ad hoc arbitral proceedings…

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Administrative and Public Law Litigation

GUR LAW FIRM works with clients from the private sector and with public sector clients at governmental or regulatory levels, advising on complex regulatory compliance issues.

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Employment Disputes

GUR LAW FIRM acts for employees and employers and assist with all matters relating to employment law.

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