GUR LAW FIRM provides full range of intellectual property services with its established IP department.

Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Advising on selection and suitability of trademarks, patents, utility models and designs for registration
  • Searching prior registrations and applications
  • Filing applications at both national and international level and also renewing registrations
  • Representing our clients in all opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Conducting infringement proceedings on behalf of our clients before the civil and criminal courts
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements for the purchase, sale, or licensing of trademark, patent, utility model and design rights 
  • Infringement advice and anti-piracy, such as taking legal action against infringers of DVDs, CDs and other copyrighted material

Trademark Law

GUR LAW FIRM assists its clients in establishing, maintaining, and enforcing trademark rights on a local and global basis. We also provide practical guidance and precision in translation and other services required during the local and global registration process.

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Patent Law

GUR LAW FIRM has specialists on patent practices in all the major Turkish jurisdictions. This means that we have a thorough understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of different jurisdictions and courts and are very well equipped to handle multi-jurisdictional patent disputes as well as international transactions.

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Design Law

Design protection has developed rapidly in recent years. Both two and three dimensional designs, including
typographical characters can be protected as design patents. GUR LAW FIRM advises and supports its clients in
the registration and assertion of design patents.

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Utility Model Law

GUR LAW FIRM advises on the exploitation and enforcement of utility model. We litigate in infringement matters and conservation procedures conducted in front of the specialized civil courts.

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Copyright Law

GUR LAW FIRM is experienced in all forms of dispute resolution, from mediation to expert determination and,
where necessary, litigation.

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Competition Law

GUR LAW FIRM provides the services concerning unfair competition law to protect its clients’ business from unfair or deceptive trade practices or acts.

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Internet Law

UR LAW FIRM is also active in the area of Internet Law as a separate specialty practice area. GUR LAW FIRM is able to provide essential knowledge of the Internet Law, advise clients on a wide variety of legal and business issues involving the Internet, e-commerce and represent clients before World Intellectual Property Organization and any other related authority.

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