Our commercial litigation team handles work to help our clients resolve disputes efficiently and effectively. We aim to offer an entire spectrum of dispute resolution services in Turkey to our clients such as arbitration, litigation or other techniques. Whichever technique is chosen and pursued, we always ensure that it is consistent with our clients’ commercial objectives and needs.

We are highly skilled in all techniques of dispute resolution services including litigation and arbitration, advocacy and adjudication. In terms of arbitration, GUR LAW FIRM has established itself as a leader in the field of foreign award enforcement and has succeeded in obtaining many groundbreaking rulings in this developing area of the law.

GUR LAW FIRM’s commercial litigation practice is one of the largest and best-regarded in Turkey. We have extensive experience of dealing with an entire gamut of commercial disputes, and therefore, can assist our clients at a preventive stage, all the way through to litigation or arbitration proceedings. We create case-specific teams incorporating all the relevant experts from legal and commercial sectors alike, and hence adjust our services to the individual situation of our clients.

Although our experts in commercial litigation have engaged with almost every industrial and commercial sector in Turkey and abroad, our proven track record of success is particularly strong in energy, infrastructure, shipping and intellectual rights.