Work Permits in Turkey

Work Permits in Turkey


GUR LAW FIRM’s corporate work encompasses related issues such as government permits, incentives and employment of personnel from overseas.

Competition Law Services
General Competition Advisory: GUR Law Firm reviews its clients’ all types of agreements, specifically purchasing, distribution, license and franchise agreements and commercial practices from the point of compatibility with competition rules and recommends competition compliant models.
Mergers and Acquisitions

GUR Law Firm assesses mergers, demergers, acquisitions, subscription deals and articles of association amendments leading to a change of the control, acquisitions of assets such as operations, brands and customer portfolios that may be attributed a turnover, and joint ventures from the perspective of competiton rules, notifies the transactions to the Turkish Competition Board when necessary, and assures the compliance of ancillary restraints and secondary agreements with competition rules.

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Получение разрешения на работу в Турции

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