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Zoning Amnesty

Law Numbered 7101 on the Amendments to the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law and Certain Laws

Changes Brought By The Law On The Amendment Of Certain Laws For The Purpose Of Improvement Of The Investment Environment

New Regulation on monitoring of the transactions affecting the foreign currency positioning by the Central Bank

Amendment on Decree No. 32 on the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency

Amendments Brought By the Labour Courts Code

Передача договора

New Regulation on Transit Vessels Passing Through Bosphorus

Personal Data Protection Law

New Law on Moveable Pledge for Commercial Transactions and its Application

Brand New Developments in Turkey Regarding the Industrial Rights

Draft Regulation Regarding Data Controllers Registry

Pollution Fines in Turkey

Iran Talk – Practical Guide to Conducting Business in Iran

Turkish Employment Dispute Law Firm of the Year Award

Turkish Commercial Law Firm of the Year Award

The Turkish Patent Institute Joined to TMclass Project

The Export of the Turkish currency and foreign exchange has become free

The Personal Data Protection Law

The Collection Of The Receivables Arising From Ship Mortgage

Maritime Law – Right Of Direct Action Against Liability Insurers Under Turkish Law

Maritime Law – Passenger Claims

Maritime Law – Marine Casualty

Maritime Law – Cargo Claims

Maritime Law – Arrest And Security

Amendment On The Communique Regarding Decree No. 32 On The Protection Of The Value Of The Turkish Lira Currency

Liability Of The Parent Company Arising From The Breach Of Trust In Group Companies

Opinions On The Decision Of The Constitutional Court Regarding The Abrogation Of Article 7/1-(I) Of Decree Law Numbered 556 On Protection Of Trademarks

General Characteristics Of The Turnkey Lump Sum Price

Memorandum On The Tariff And The Directive Communique With Regards To The Compulsory Vessel Liability Insurance

Article On International Financial Law Review

Article On Single Shareholder Joint Stock Company

The Export Of The Turkish Currency And Foreign Exchange Has Become Free

Competition In Turkey: Rising In Importance

The Law On Regulation Of Retail Trade

The Act On The Regulation Of Electronic Commerce

Regulation On Debt Assumption By Undersecreteriat Of Treasury

In Turkey, Role Of Protection And Indemnity Insurances In Shipping

Legal Requirements For Transporting Alcohol/Biological Matter To Turkey

Merger And Acquisitions (M&A) In Turkey: Roles Of Law, Investment And Accounting Firms

Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Grey Areas: Fighting Internet Fraud In Turkey

Limited Liability And Joint Stock Companies In Turkey

Intersection Between Finance And Law In Turkey

Establishing A Tech Startup In Turkey

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